Innovative cable manufacturer Tratos, is a leader in Electrical, Electronic and Fibre Optic cable technology. Its serves worldwide markets, creating bespoke solutions where necessary and manufacturing to an exceptionally high standard.

Advanced technology

Tratosflex-ESDB features a unique internal cable design. We have modified the internal cable structure, tightening the components against relative internal movement to accommodate the stresses involved in high speed applications; this prevents the most common problem of twisting, leading to possible breakage that affects cables reeling at high speeds of up to 300 m/min

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The Highest Speed

Tratosflex-ESDB with its special construction can work continually for several years with high speed applications up to 300 m/min

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Resistance to Harsh Condition

Due to the high quality of the compounds that we use and the unique construction of TratosFlex, our cables can operate in temperatures from -60ºC to +90ºC!

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Innovative Electrical, Electronic and Fibre Optic cables

For 50 years our major clients have included electrical contracting and manufacturing organisations and electricity distributors all over the world. Working with them has resulted in the most comprehensive range of cables for all our clients.