The answer for reeling applications.

High speed.

High tension and torsion resistance.


Tinned flexible conductor


Ground conductor

Inner sheath

Anti-torsional protection

        Outer sheath red colour

Advanced technology



Tratosflex-ESDB features a unique internal

cable design. We have modified the internal cable structure, tightening the components against relative internal movement to accommodate

the stresses involved in high speed applications; this prevents the most common problem of twisting, leading to possible breakage that affects cables reeling at high speeds of up to 300 m/min.

Maximum operating

speed 300 m/min






The highest speed



Tratosflex-ESDB with its special construction can work continually for several years with high speed applications up to 300 m/min.


Resistance to harsh conditions



Due to the high quality of the compounds that

we use and the unique construction of TratosFlex,

our cables can operate in temperatures

from -60ºC to +90ºC!

For every application



We have designed an extensive range of cables

in order to cover every possible application

you may have including cables for monospiral

and cylindrical reeling, basket reeling, festooning

and spreaders. Our cables can be used to supply power, control and signalling functions including

fibre-optic cables and components.


One way reel

240 m/min


60 m/min

Tender System

60 m/min

Vertical System

60 m/min


240 m/min

Vertical Basket

160 m/min

Spreader System

200 m/min

Two ways reel

200 m/min

Your Cable Tailor made



Using our 40 years of cable design and manufacturing experience we can offer custom design and built solutions for the most demanding applications.

• Variety of lengths

• Large overall diameter

• Bespoke cable designs

• Environmentally

   specific cables