This is a split, right? The reason I ask that question all the time is because Im always curious. Its three guys who are hilarious and fantastic. In my opinion, I dont think we would be where we are as an industry otherwise. Everyone does it. You were always worried, like, Oh, man. But Im always at the beck and call of the platforms I distribute on to a crazy, existential extent. It was a packed house and a great time. Were in total control there. Inside iHeartMedia, its an audio company. I really just keep going back to this notion that its perfect the way it is. Launching in early 2019, the podcast will be co . A favorite episode from Season 1, now with a translator track telling us what was actually being said in Spanish. We also have a digital marketing team, I forgot that in the org chart. You just saw it happen. In each episode, Georg.Show More Introducing: Season 3 of StraightioLab 02:55 | Sep 2nd More RECOMMEND 8) Peter McIndoe and Tim Heidecker Big Money Players and iHeartPodcasts. It has been a player in the audio space across multiple kinds of distribution for a long time. So theres a little bit more of a prioritization of continuing marketing, even through a strange economy, that there might not have been if the memory of COVID-19 wasnt so fresh, thats helping us a little bit. Conal Byrne is the CEO of iHeart Digital. Anybody in the room, and most of us do work in podcasting, know that number is harder and harder to get every day. I know that sounds like, eh, its kind of boring. Its not for them, its a multi-billion-dollar business, so I want to be more a part of that. Yeah, we do too. Its really that simple. Weve talked with Ashley a lot about this. It has 29, 30 podcasts under it, and it alone drives 15 to 20 million downloads a month. Thanks to Ariel who did an amazing job. Like I told you, we all have the same problems. I think its high attentiveness at scale with partners that weve been able to maintain so far. One is really good companion content to a lot of the shows theyre making for Netflix. As a creator or a publisher, I can plug my RSS feed into a distribution app if I so choose, and people subscribing to my RSS feed. We predicted it to some extent, we felt that it was coming in 2018 or 2019, but that certainly helped. Don't act like you're not impressed. Eighty million a week is the more interesting stat to me. Im open to video. The Ron Burgundy Podcast From iHeartRadio Returns For Season 2 With An Interview With Kamala Harris Joshua Dudley Contributor I write about podcasts Aug 8, 2019,02:16pm EDT This article. So I dont depend on it, but we have seen some traction there across 10, 12 shows getting optioned and its meaningful, with huge partners in Hollywood. Were a very good partner with creators. We obviously have a podcast team, run by the president of the iHeart Podcast Network, Will Pearson. Weve actually noticed in the last two or three months that its a very timely question for us at our businesses, because I feel like weve moved off the direct response business too fast. Credits:Ron Burgundy: Host, Writer, Executive Producer, This episode was Engineered, Mixed and Edited by: Nick Stumpf. I have a card here that says NFTs on it. Each episode has a different theme in which Ron engages in conversation with another notable person on the topic at hand. I dont think theres a creator on the planet who is interested in literally decimating their audience size, even for the sake of a big check. We take this for granted as creators, as publishers, and as networks. In Chicago, I sat in front of OMD. No. I just dont think they get that in a lot of places anymore because of the highly formatted other platforms that theyre making content for. Thats the only difference so far. The BD team is livid. Just before we started, I was looking at your website. Then if they want to, we launch their podcast with iHeart Podcast Network. I dont know. 1 on Apple Podcasts Top 200 in the opening weeks of both seasons 1 & 2. Its finally arrived. Also, subscription models usually come with exclusive or windowing of content, which I think youre starting to see with creators. Hes fantastic. 1 commercial podcast publisher globally with over 20,000 podcasts available on its iHeartRadio platformboth of whom are kind of a big dealannounced today "The Ron Burgundy Podcast." Subscribe to our daily newsletter! Broadcast radio is a mass-reach medium still today. In true Ron Burgundy fashion, these conversations have a tendency to go off the rails, and we find out things about people we never knew we wanted to know. Not great. Carolina Sums Up The Whole Podcast (The Ron Burgundy Podcast) Funny Or Die 3.5M subscribers Subscribe 288 Share 40K views 3 years ago Listen to the full episode here: In true Ron Burgundy fashion, these conversations have a tendency to go off the rails, and we find out things . Into the whole thing? It sounds like you have things figured out, that you have confidence in your business. Everybody in this room has worked damn hard for the last 20 years to get to this point. You can feel however you want about it, but we all did it. You have sat out a bunch of stuff, you have sat out subscription, but I just want to sit with distribution for one more second. We felt like we were really onto something with podcasting, but we wanted to accelerate it 10 years ahead fast. I think the first five or six years of the podcast industry can honestly take credit for several companies that are around today, like Mailchimp, Blue Apron, and probably the mattresses that we all sleep on. Is that present for you? I think more importantly, he saw the potential of the podcast medium to be a way for him to find, develop, and break new comedic talent in America. Also, the medium was exploding. We have this mantra: Any seller can sell anything any day of the week wherever they live and work.. One of the themes we come back to on Decoder over and over again, especially when I talk to creatives or creative executives, is that your distribution fundamentally shapes what you make. And that will lead to conversion for something else for you? "The iconic anchorman's podcast will be a scripted audio drama set in Ron Burgundy's world (which is sometimes in a glass case of emotion), and resurface the delightful personality that has . Really, really terrible. If there are principles that I try to remember once a week or so, its probably those three. Ron takes a stab at the most popular genre of his new chosen mediumthe True Crime podcast. Its always collaborative with their approval. WARNING: This episode was haunted by a ghost. Is there any way to actually innovate? Its actually a lot of different things. The counterexample there is obviously Joe Rogan at Spotify. I wonder how much Im spending on audio marketing? That number is usually nine or 10 percent of their overall investment. They could have published them on YouTube. Again, streaming was a really obvious example of this for TV streaming companies. Go make good decisions and follow Decoder on TikTok. For sure, we deserve and need it. Theyre just trying to grow their audience while youre selling the ads. You have a distribution model that is free. I told you it was all about org charts, and Im not even to the org chart question yet. A very special episode discussing the difficulties of bullying with a 10 year old girl. I know Im sort of recapping the obvious, but this was an inflection point in our whole industry, that you suddenly had big brands and sometimes big holdcos swooping in and wanting to invest in podcasting. The reason we started this company was because I think he genuinely had a blast making The Ron Burgundy Podcast. Burgundy, who has a fountain of knowledge that spans literally every topic imaginable, has signed on for two 12-episode seasons, with the first episode of "The Ron Burgundy Podcast" making its debut on February 7 with subsequent episodes to post each Thursday. Theres an engineering team that has maybe 100 people at the back end of all of our digital products. Thats driven most of our growth in podcasting over the last two, three, four years at the company. The Ron Burgundy Podcast. Yeah. Google wont give us the time of day. It sounds like you think you have some leverage over the platforms. Overall, it was a fun first show that was a little light thematically but should improve with different guests and crazy circumstances allowing Will Ferrell to play around in the style that made him famous." You mentioned that you had experimented with subscriptions. Gmails client-side encryption is now available to more businesses, Whoops! The Ron Burgundy Podcast. It has been a pitfall of digital media from day one. "This year, variegated and dark-foliage plants will have a moment as plant parents move towards that foliage combination," predicts Lindsay Pangborn, a plant expert with Bloomscape . So of course I asked Conal about that and lots more. And by the way, its not slowing down. Our downloads were 412 million downloads in January, and that was up 12 percent from the month prior. We do talk to them. To put it simply, we have a platform. When we launched a company like The Black Effect with Charlamagne, we had huge annual sponsors that were deeply ingrained in that company. We have experimented with Jun Group across the years. Because if youre launching new stuff, youve built the archive, you built the library. Whereas other big podcasting players like Spotify and Apple have tried to boost revenue through subscriptions or platform exclusivity, Conal shunned those approaches and said hes going for big audience reach, made possible in part by his ability to run ads and even shows on iHearts huge network of traditional radio stations. I think thats it. Lightning round. its like having a radio show with magic, or hiring a clown but everyone is wearing blindfolds. How do you tend to the things in the library that arent the celebrity shows? All I say to them is, This is no longer an experimental bucket of marketing. In true Ron Burgundy fashion, these conversations have a tendency to go off the rails, and we find out things about people we never knew we wanted to know. Podcasting not to your question, but as a side answer has bucked that a lot to date. I think every CEO has but one tool, and its shuffling the org chart to solve problems. I talk to a lot of startup CEOs, and a lot of them who get acquired by big companies. Oddly, no. Or this will be a business in and of itself, and thats fine too. About. Will Ferrell has started a podcast as the character he played in the movie of the same name. Will Ferrell reprises his role as Ron Burgundy in the Ron Burgundy Podcast. iHeart does a lot of new things. She said, On the podcast, its much looser. Wheres the tension there? Youre doing ad injection into the feed? Ive always thought about it. That comprises all of our social media assets, all of our websites, a huge streaming business, a lot of the innovative tech work we do like how we launched iHeartLand in Roblox and Fortnite and podcasting. Do you care? They do it like an hour a day. This is very immediately notable when you sit in a room with him and talk to him for 30 seconds. It has been announced that the Anchorman character will next year release 12 episodes of something called The Ron Burgundy Podcast. One of America's most famous fictional news anchors, Ron Burgundy, is back with his own podcast. Carolina Barlow: Co-Host, Writer, and Producer. There are these formats that hit, the things you lead with, but then there is an enormous long tail of stuff. We were especially interested in, If we got gamers into our podcast network, could we then bring them into these live shows in iHeartLand? We dont use it anymore. In some part, because of what Apples moves are, but its getting harder. Yeah, we did a great Decoder episode with Chris Dixon, the lead partner for that stuff at Andreessen Horowitz. The last thing Id say is more of a human thing. We'll listen to and review 10 Women featuring the incomparable RuPauland Christmas Memories podcasts Updated Date: Feb 24, 2023 Even if ultimately it was frustrating to the creator network, usually when there was a huge shift in a business model, the newer platforms were fixing a problem. We tell stories through human conversation, more than anything else. We're the Film Fanatics. Because you have this new platform thats incredibly cool, and lots of great creators using it, and its 80 million Americans a week. One San Diego legend joins another for the definitive interview with the San Diego Chicken. You brought up SEO. After two or three years of just running the podcast division, I was made the CEO of the digital audio group. The money you might get from overserving the Spotify audience or doing marketing on Spotify to get downloads does not necessarily result in the same return. It can be a true crime limited series of eight to 10 episodes that are 30 minutes long, or it can be a stuff to blow your mind episode with just two guys talking for three hours. Whats the structure below you to make all this work? Ive listened to you in the past. No. We spun it out as its own company, Stuff Media, and very shortly thereafter we realized we needed two or three things to grow a lot faster and get a lot bigger. Anchorman's Ron Burgundy has netted himself two 12-episode seasons of a new show, The Ron Burgundy Podcast. The Man, The Movie, The Podcast! iHeart recently restructured and you became the CEO of a formal division. i want to give the show two stars, but i cant because carolina is a siren and wont let me, also im pretty sure ron would put me on the list. In the producing realm, she has worked with Will at his production company Gloria Sanchez for 6 years, and is clearly well versed in the notion of marrying comedy with romance in ways that captivate an . I will test anything. If you have that framework when you walk into every meeting every creator meeting, every partner meeting, every competitor meeting it changes your whole outlook. The Ron Burgundy Podcast Will Ferrell reprises his role as Ron Burgundy in the world-famous Ron Burgundy Podcast! The iHeartPodcast Network is home to more than 800 iHeartPodcasts across a wide variety of genres, that span every category from business, sports, spirituality and technology to entertainment, family, comedy and true crime - and everything in between including leading podcasts such as "The Ron Burgundy Podcast," "Paper Ghosts . if these shows have a visual option available somewhere to watch, that'd be cool, i guess. On the other side of the business, you own the distribution. I love you very much. The Ron Burgundy Podcast podcast - Listen online for free The Ron Burgundy Podcast Will Ferrell reprises his role as Ron Burgundy in the world-famous Ron Burgundy Podcast! It was the only time Ive ever gotten a call from somebody. He has a certain energy and vision about him, where hes able to run large companies as if they were startups. The problem it was solving, the price point was undeniable, it made perfect sense to me. Release Calendar Top 250 Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Was Great. Coming February 7th, The Ron Burgundy Podcast takes a long hard look at the issues that matter. The only reason we have that number is because of broadcast radio marketing. Discovery bought our company because they were about to go public, and they wanted to have a really strong digital strategy. Our marketing people are here, youre very good. Everything, I promise you, is simpler than you think. If youre a marketer, and this was a well-worn, tried-and-true way to market over the last 10, 20 years, that just got a lot harder. Ron speaks to Senator Kamala Harris and considers running for president. Sure we are. Hes like, I want to get as much audience as possible. We tried it. But Ill talk you through why. Theres this adage for anybody that has worked in video. We run billions of podcast impressions in a month to promote our own shows and our partners shows. When we launched The Ron Burgundy Podcast with Will Ferrell four years ago, we gave him a really big gross radio point push across broadcast radio. See for privacy information. The Ron Burgundy Podcast Big Money Players and iHeartPodcasts Comedy Society & Culture Will Ferrell reprises his role as Ron Burgundy in the world-famous Ron Burgundy Podcast! "SmartLess" with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, & Will Arnett is a podcast that connects and unites people from all walks of life to learn about shared experiences through thoughtful dialogue and organic hilarity. Are you doing that math? Is it just Bob Pittman being like, Chaos reigns. I just keep hearing the trailers and it sounds godawful. I feel like an early version of the podcast industry was entirely built on host reads for direct-to-consumer brands. Hello, my friend. Aren't. Real. I fell in love with this medium 10 years ago. Its not like, I spent 95 percent of our time on Will Ferrell. Thanks to all of you for coming to the HotPod Summit. This show is also a podcast where we capture the file, distribute it as an on-demand thing, and then it drives upwards of 15 to 20 million downloads a month. Theyre all looking for internships. I think our marketing team spends literally 95 percent of their time thinking about how to deploy what wed call house ads, and then maybe 5 percent of their time on paid marketing. The Ron Burgundy Podcast Season One Trailer. The Ron Burgundy Podcast returns to continue to delight audiences with the comical musings of Ron Burgundy - and leave them wanting more! But I still own and control the pipe. Hes going to leave now. The Ron Burgundy Podcast - Podcast Addict The Ron Burgundy Podcast - via Podcast Addict | Will Ferrell reprises his role as Ron Burgundy in the world-famous Ron Burgundy Podcast! We are an obsessively, widely distributed content company. We are a mass-reach medium. The Ron Burgundy Podcast 5M ago Will Ferrell reprises his role as Ron Burgundy in the world-famous Ron Burgundy Podcast! They chose a real simple version of it called Really Simple Syndication, RSS feeds. Its a great question, because Ive been on both sides of that. Folks trusting social media less, influencers having less success on social media because of that, and therefore marketers being like, I dont know what to do with this. One is called the multi-platform group. Are we mature enough as an industry for every medium-sized network or larger to have one? Ill give you an example of a show.